Ashram- Special Functions

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Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Parabrahmane Namah
Srimad Abhinava Vageesha Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Mahadeshikaya Namah

jñānānandamayaṁ devaṁ nirmalasphaṭikākṝtiṁ|

ādhāraṁ sarvavidyānāṁ hayagrīvaṁ upāsmahe||

Special Funtions at The Ashram.

These functions are for the most part are functions which are observed regularly every year on specified days as per the Souramana (Siderial) Panchangam  (calculated for the location of the City of Charlotte, NC) followed at the Parent Mutt in India. These include the tirunakshatrams (birth days) of Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva, Sri Maha Lakshmi,and the principal Acharyas in the lineage; important occasions like the solar and lunar Lunar New Year’s Days, Janmashtami, Ramanavami, Deepawali (or Diwali), Navaratri, Dhanurmasam, Adhyayanotsavam, etc. In addition, there will be abhishekam every month on the Sravana Nakstram day, which is the Nakshatra of Lord Hayagriva. Some of these functions may be conducted at a public venue if we expect a large number of devotees to attend. 
We will announce the date, time and venue in advance for these functions on this web site and will also inform the devotees via e-mail/text message if we have their contact information. All are welcome to attend these functions, especially with their children and receive the blessings of Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva. If any devotee wishes to sponsor these functions, she/he can do so at the beginning of the function. There is no set fee charged for sponsorship. The devotees may make yatha shakti contribution to PLM, USA to support the Ashram activities. Contributions to PLM, USA are exempted from US income tax under applicable IRS rules.


Date: Sept 17, 2020
Function: Swami Deshikan Tirunakshatram
Venue: Ashram. Also on Zoom

Time: 10 AM – 2 PM

Details: Tirumanjanam for Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva, Srimad Ramanujar and Swami Deshikan, wth recital of Taittireeya Upanishat

Recital of Deshka stotrams and Deshika Prabandham


Teertha, Prasadam
Comments: There were about 10 people, attending in person and about  15 others participating in the function on line in a Zoom session. 

Date: Sept 17, 2020

Function Dolotsavam

Time: 6 PM

Venue: Sri Balaji Varadaraja Bhattar’s home in Charlotte

 LINK TO PHOTOS from Tirumanjanam and Dolotsavam 

All are invited to participate and receive Blessings of Acharya and Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva. 


PerumAL is on Sancharam from September 6 – Dec 12, 2020, except for a one-week period from Sept 16- 23, when PerumAL will return to Charlotte, NC for the celebration of Swami Deshikan Tirunakshatram on Sept 17, 2020.  During this sancharam, PerumAL will be visiting first the Midwest and later Texas. For Sancharam details please see the Announcement on the Home Page.