HH Sancharam

HH Parakal Swamy Sancharam

January 2021
HH Srimad Parakala Swamy Bengaluru Tirumala Vijayam December 2020- March 2021
HH Srimad Parakala Swamy is now in Bengaluru. During the month of December 2020, he visited Tirumala and performed Mangalashasanam to Sri Srinivasa and attended the Svarna Ratha utsavam. He also visited the Hayagriva Sannidhi of Tirumala Parakala Mutt and inspected the completed renovation work at the lodgings. At Bengaluru, the Acharyan blessed the starting of the Tiru Adhyayayanotsavam at Bengaluru Mutt and blessed remotely online the commencement of Tiru Adhyayanaotsavam at the Parakala Ashram at Charlotte, USA. 
At Bengaluru, he has been gracing daily with his presence the various utsavams at the Mutt. He welcomed HH Srimad Andavan Swamy at the Mutt and visited HH Sriman Nararayana Jeer at the Yatiraja Matham in Malleswaram and performed mangalashasanam to Sri Sampathkumara PerumAL. He participated in the Annual Hayagriva Homam in January 2021. He has been administering samaashrayanams and bharanyaasams to a  number of devotees at the Mutt.

June -July, 2019
HH Parakala Swami’s June/July Sancharam & Mangalashasanams inTamilnadu
HH Parakala Swami returned to Mysuru on the 12 of July after a very successful 3-week Tamilnadu Vijayam during which he performed mangalashasanams at several divyadesams and abhimanana sthalams, including Sri Athi Varadar at Kanchipuram.
HH started his vijaya yatra first with a visit to Bengaluru Mutt  during the last week of June 2019. After a short stay there during which period he performed several samashrayanams, he proceeded on a sancharam of Tamilnadu. He then visited and performed mangalashasanams at a number of temples including Devaraja Swamy and Perundevi Tayar sannidhis at Kanchipuram, Swami Deshikan Sannadhi at Tuppul and Sri Devanathan Sannidhi at Tiruvaheendirapuram. He also visited and performed mangalashasanams at Chennai, Madhurantakam, and nitya Aradhanams to Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva at Parakala Mutts at Tuppul, Chennai and Tiruvaheendirapuram. On July  8, on a second visit to Kanchipuram, he performed mangalashasanam to Sri Athi Varadaraja PerumAL. At all the places  he was accorded poorna kumbham maryadai.  Large number of shishyas and devotees gathered at each place to get his darshan and receive his blessings.
PHOTOS from the Sancharam:  ALBUM 1      ALBUM2 ALBUM3

 May 5, 2019
HH Performs mangalashasanams during Brahmotsavam at Krishnapuram , Karnataka
HH Srimad Parakala Swami was at Krishnapuram on May 5, 2019 and performed mangalashasanam at the Brahmotsavam celebrations for Sri Santana Gopala Krishna Swami. Ha also performed mangalshasanam at the Brindavanam of Srimad Ramanuja Brahmatantra Parakala Mahadeshikan (25th Peethadipathi of Parakala Mutt) at Krishnapuram. For photos from both managalashasanams and from the Rathotsavam celebrations, please CLICK HERE.
PHOTOS from the Sancharam:  ALBUM 1      ALBUM2 ALBUM3

March 27-29, 2019 
HH Tirumala-Tirupati Vijaya Yatra March 27-29, 2019
HH Srimad Vagisha Bhrahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Mahadeshikan  had a grand Vijaya Yatra to Tirupati and Tirumala during the last week of March 2019. During this vijaya yatra, heoffered mangalashasanams to Sri Padmavati Tayar, Sri Srinivasar at Tirumala and Sri Govindarajar at Tirupati. He was received with full honors by the temple authorities at all these venues.He also visited the Parakala Mutts at Tirupati and Tirumala and performed mangalashasanams at the Sri Lakshmi-Hayagriva Sannidhis there. He received HH Azhagiyasingar of Ahobila Mutt who was also visiting Tirumala during this period. It was a devine sight to see the two acharyas together performing mangalashasanams to Maleyappa Swamy at HIs utsavam on the Mada Street in Tirumala. Over 700 shishyas accompanying HH Parakala Swamy in this Vijaya Yatra enjoyed the great and unique opportunity of having the darshanam of Sri Srinivasa and the other archa moorthys.
For photos from the Yatra, please visit the links below:

Feb 16 – 22, 2019
HH Srirangam Vijaya Yatra Feb 16 – 22, 2019
Srimad Abhinava Vageesha Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Swami will be on Vijaya yatra to Srirangam between 16th and 22nd February. *Sri Parakalaswamy would be doing divya mangalaasasanam to Sri Ranganayaki thayaar and Sri Ranganatha swamy on 19/Feb/2019*. Sisyas and bhaktas can get the anugraham of Sri Parakala Swamy and Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevan at Sri Vedanta Desikan Tirumaaligai, Sri Bramhatantraswatantra Parakalaswamy Mutt, 116, North Uttara Veedi, Srirangam. Bhagavatas travelling from outstations are requested to book their accommodation as early as possible at places available in and around Srirangam. Bhaagavata Thateeyaradhanai is arranged at mutt on all days during Swamy’s Vijaya yatra.
HH returned to Mysore after the grand Vijayaratra. A large group of shishyas and abhimanis attended aswmy’s mangalashasanam at the Srirangam temple. For photos, see the Gallery.
For videos from the Vijayayatra, please CLICK HERE.

January 3, 2018 – 
Update on HH Parakala Swami’s Chennai Vijayam. Jan 3, 2018 —
HH Srimad Parakala Swami is continuing  his stay at the Paraala Mutt, Chennai performing nitya Aradhanam and blessing number of shishyas and other devotees daily. He has also been visiting and performing mangalashasanams at nearby temples and ashramams including, Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Sannidhi at Nanganellur, Tuppul Parakala Mutt and Swami Desikan Sannidhi,  etc.  A grand Hayagriva Homam was celebrated on January 7 in Chennai.
For an album of photos from these occasions, please click on PHOTOS. This album will be periodically updated.

Dec 15, 2017-  
 HH Parakala Swami Hyderabad- Chennai Vijayam. Dec 2017 – Jan 2018
HH Srimad Parakala Swami left Bengaluru on December 15 for Andhra Pradesh. On his way to Hyderabad, he stopped for a day at the Lakshmi Hayagriva Sannidhi at Mahbubnagar and visited the  Sadguru Kshetra Gosahale a short distance away. He was received with Poorna Kumbahm maryada at the Hyderaba d Mutt.  During the nearly two weeks of stay at the Hyderabad Mutt, he had a very busy schedule, visiting several places, blessing devotees and administering and  samaashrayanams and bharanyasams to a number of aspirants. He left Hyderabad for Chennai on 29th December and stopped at several places including Guntur, and Nellore. He reached Chennai on January 1 and was received with Poorna Kumbham by shishyas at the Chennai Mutt. Acharyan will be staying at Chennai for the next few weeks before returning to Bengaluru.
For a more detailed account account of Swami’s Hyderabad-Chennai Vijayam, please
see also following Anudinam.org links:


For an album of photographs from the Vijayam, please see https://photos.app.goo.gl/1iqg7iLF1bodpiqK2 This album will be updated periodically during the sancharam.

Dec 15, 2017-  
HH Parakala Swami Bengaluru Vijayam, beginning Dec 9,2017
HH Srimad Abhinava Vageesha Brahmatantra Parakala Mahadeshikan will be in Bengaluru beginning December 9, 2017. SAMASHRYANAM & BHARANYASAM  ( Prapatti ) are arranged at Sri Parakala Matham, # 8, Dhanvantari Road, Gandhinagar, Bangalore [Opp: Kempegowda Bus Station] as per the following schedule.
*Samasharayanam on 10th Sunday, December, 2017. Timing: 10:00AM.; Sambhavane ₹350/-.
*Bharanyasam on 11th Monday, December,2017. Timing 10:00AM. ( Kobbari sakkari & butter for nivedanam ); Yatha Shakthi sambhavane.

June 14, 2017 –
HH Parakala Swami Bengaluru Vijayam June 14 – 25, 2017 
HH Parakala Swami returned to Mysuru from his Bangalore Vijayam on June 25. During his stay in Bengaluru, number of devotees visited the Mutt to receive his blessings. Nearly eighty people received samashrayanam and/or bharanyasam from the Acharyan during these days. He performed dolotsavams at devotee homes and mangalashasanams at local area temples.  Notable among these was the mangalashasanam he performed at the Kote Srinivasa Temple, Chamarajapet.  On the morning of June 25, he he presided over the pratishtapanam of new Chakrat Azhvar and Rama Taraka Homam at the Bengalur Mutt.
For photos, see the Gallery.

June 6-9, 2017
HH Kanchipuram and Tuppul Vijayam. June 6-9, 2017
HH Parakala Swami was in Kanchipuram and Tuppul during June 6 – 9. During this visit, the acharyan performed mangalashasan to Sri  Vararaja Swamy at the Garudotsavam. He also visited Tuppul where he performed mangalashasanam at Sri Deepa Prakashar and Hayagriva Sannidhis.  He performed Paduka samarpanam at Swami Deshikan Sannidhi. He visited Sriperumbudur, the Janma sthalam of Bhagavd Ramanuja and met with Srimad Srimushnam Andavan who has been staying there during the last few months to partake in the Ramanjuja sahsramana celebrations.
For photos and videos from the Vijayam. see the Gallery.

Jan 2-3,2016
Samashrayanam will be performed by Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Divya Paduka Sev aka Srimadh Abhinava Vagisha Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala swami at Bengaluru Sri Parakala mutt on 02.01.2016 [Saturday] &

Bharanyasam on 03.01.2016 [Sunday]

Devotees are requested to kindly avail this opportunity.

Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Sannidhi, Sri Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Swamy Mutt
Tank Bund Road. Opp. Kempegowda Bus Station, Bangalore-9.

P.S:Devotees are requested to contact :
Office: 080-22871557

Dec 29, 2015
Sh.Vageesha Brahmatantra Parakala Swamiji is arriving on 29.12.2015 evening to Bangalore Parakala Mutt. He is expected to be at Bangalore Mutt for 3 weeks. He will grace the last part of the Adhyayanotsavam celebrations at the Mutt.
This is for the information of all shisyas.
contact : 080  22871557 for more details and Acharya’s programme at Bangalore.