Sri Matham Branch - Sri Parakala Mutt, Tuppul, Kanchipuram, TN Sri Parakala Mutt, Tuppul, Kanchipuram, TN

This Parakala Mutt samsthanam was first established at Tuppul, Kanchipuram in 1338 CE by Sri Swamy Vedanta Desikan with his disciple Sri Brahmatantra Swatantra Jeer as the first Peethadhipathi. The occasion of establishing the Mutt coincided with the sveekaaram of sanyasam by Sri Brahnmatantrar. This original Matham building stands directly across the street from Swami Desikan’s birth place and ancestral home. Several years later, after the departure of Swami Desikan to paramapadam, Sri Brahmatantra Jeer moved the Matham to Tirumala and continued rendering nitya kainkaryam to Sri Tiruvengadamudaiyan.

The first and original Matham at Tuppul is said to be where Swamy Deshikan held his kalakshepam sessions with his disciples. The Mutt still has the rare archa moorthis of Swami Desikan, his son Sri Nainacharyar and disciple Sri Brahmatantra Jeer together, a feature not found in any other place. In recognition of this, Swami Desikan from the Tuppul Desikan Sannidhi arrives every year at the Mutt to perform Mandagapadi to receive mangalashasanam from and confer honours on the Bhakta vigrahams of Sri Nainacharyar and Sri Brahmatantrara Jeer. Another unique feature at the Mutt is that the Idol of Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Swami is a Saligrama Shila vigraham.

Annual Religious Functions at the Mutt

Several annual functions are held regularly at this Mutt.

In the month of January, Laksharchanam for Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva is performed for bringing success and prosperity to students pursuing studies.

In the Tamil month of Avani every year, a special three-day function called “Ramanuja dayapatram” Thanian Avatara Utsavam” is  celebrated. This is a unique function celebrated to commemorate the composition of the well known “Ramanuja Dayapatram” taniyan by Sri Brahmatantra Swatantra Jeer. The three-day celebration consisting of recital of Vedas, Naalaayira Divya prabandham and Desika prabandham, ends on the Hastam Tirunakshatram tirunaaL of the Jeer. (It may be noted that “Ramanuja Dayapatram…”  is the invocation song used by all Vadagalai Sri Vaishnavas before reciting Tamil Divya Prabandhams).  On the last day, i.e., Avani Hastham day, Sri Shathari of Sri Vedanta Desikan from Tuppul Sri Vedanta Desika Sannidhi is brought to the Mutt for honouring the Bhakta vigrahams of Sri Nainachar Swami and Sri Brahmatantra Swatantra Swamy.

In the Tamil month of Purattasi, during the annual celebrations of Swami Deshikan’s Tirunakshatram, Swami Desikan arrives at the Mutt from the Tuppul Desika Sannidhi to perform”Mandagapadi” and offer honours to the Bhakta vigrahams.

Other Annual jayanti/tirunakshatrams celebrated at the Mutt are:

  • Sri Hyagriva Jayanti …… Avani month
  • Swami Desikan …………… Purattasi Tiruvonam
  • Sri Nainacchar Swami  ………………………….Avani Rohini
  • Sri Brahmatantra Swatantra Jeer …………….. Purattasi Tiruvonam
  • Srimad Abhinava Ranganatha Brahmatantra Parakala Swami…………. Adi Punarvasu
  • Srimad Abhinava Ramanuja Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Swami (35th Jeer),,,,,,,,,,,Purattasi Sravanam
  • Srimad Abhinava Vgisha Nrahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Swami (present Jeer)…………Chittirai Revati

 Contact person: Sri T.C. Soundararajan, Advocate, Kanchpuram,Tel: 91-044 27268085 (land line) and 91-9443118580 (cell).

Current Activities.

Annual Ramanuja Dayapatram Thaniyan Avatara Utsavam 23 – 25, August 2017

The Annual Ramanuja Dayapatram Thaniyan Avatara Utsavam was celebrated for three days from 23-25 August 2017 at the recently renovated Tuppul Parakala Mutt. There was  Veda -Divya Prabandha parayanam.  On Friday, Avani month Hasta nakshtram, the final day of the utsavam,  Sri Swami Deshikan Shathari honours were conferred on the acharyas at the Mutt. Devotees attended and participated enthusiastically in the utsavam.

Mandalabhishekam on June 24, 2017

On June 24, 2017,  Mandalabhishekam function at Tuppul Parakala Mutt, started at 8 AM with homam followed by tirumanjanam to Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva. The function concluded with Shattumurai and teertha prasadm. For a few photos, see Gallery.

 Mahasamprokshanam on May 7, 2017

As per the Ajnya of HH Parakala Jeer, the ancient dilapidated Parakala Mutt Building at Tuppul, Kanchipuram is being renovated. In the first phase of this work, the Ground Floor has been completed (See for details below)
Mahasamprokshanam was performed on May 7, 2017. A number of devotees  participated in this great occasion and received the blessings of Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva, Swami Deshikan and Srimad Acharyan.
For Ahvana Patrika and samprokshanam photos, please see Gallery. Please notice how the original look of the frontage of the Mutt building has been preserved after renovation. Laksharchanam for Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva February 5, 2017.   For a video from the occasion, please see the Gallery.

Hayagriva Jayanthi Celebration on Wednesday August 17, 2016. 

Ramanujadayapatram Taniyan Aradhnam Celebrations Sept 4, 2016

Swami Desikan Tirunakshatram Annual Celebrations October 2 -11, 2016

Swami Desikan Mandapagadiat at Tuppul Parakala Mutt on October 2, 2016.
Sri Toopul Vedhantha Desikan Varshika uthsavam was celebrated at the janma sthalam of Swami Desikan  during October 2 -11, 2016. First mandagapadi at Toopul Parakala Mutt during which Swami Desikan bestowed honours on Sri Nainarachar and Sri Brahmatantra Swatantra Desikan took place ceremoniously on the very first day. Tuppul Parakala Mutt which is currently going through extensive renovation and expansion has been preparing for the function. The749thtirunakshatram of Swami Desikan is on Purattasi Shravanam which fell on October 11, 2016.(For photos and videos on the prior preparation and the mandapapadi utsavam itself, see the Gallery).

Sri Tuppul Parakala Mutt Reconstruction/Renovation Project

This ancient Mutt building has not seen any maintenance for ages and has significantly deteriorated. If it is not renovated and restored now, it will soon be lost. The Mutt building houses the rare idols of the trio,Swami Desikan, his son and disciple Sri Nainacharya and the disciple Sri Brahmatantra and brings back to one’s imagination the kaalakshepams they would have had at this place. The current Parakala Jeer has been very keen on restoring and renovating this building as soon as possible. He also desires that at the time of renovation, we should also add the infrastructure and facilities needed for making it suitable for accommodating pilgrims who might be visiting Tuppul. Towards this send, he has set up a Building Committee with himself as Chairman and Sri T.C. Soundararajan as the Secretary. Sri A.M. Rajagopalan, well known astrologer and Editor of the Tamil magazine, Kumudam Jothidam is the Special Advisor to the Building Committee.

The Building will eventually be in two floors with a plinth area ofabout 7200 sft  The cost of construction is estimated to be about 2;5 crores.. In the first phase only the ground floor will be taken up. The Plan of the Ground Floor and an artist’s concept of the front view of the Matham after the renovation work is completed are shown below.

Ground Floor Plan of New Construction
Front View of the Renovated Mutt Building (Artist’s Concept)

Construction plans were approved a long time ago but for nearly two years, the work could not be started due to lack of funds, Finally, thanks to a loan of about Rs. 25 lakh very kindly advanced by HH from the Mutt’s Corpus funds at Mysore and some supplementary contributions from devotees, the construction was started in July of last year. Initially in the first phase, ground floor will be renovated by the addition of living area on the North and South sides at an estimated cost of Rs. 1.1 crores.  After renovation and addition work is completed, the ground floor will have a renovated Sannidhi, an area for Swami’s stay during visits, ArAdahakra’s room and Madapalli, and a set of AC/non-AC rooms with bath and toilets for overnight guests to stay. The work has been progressing very well though there was some temporary slow-down in work in December due to the recent unprecedented flooding in the Chennai/Kanchipuram area. As of November 2016, nearly 80% of the Ground Floor work has been completed. For latest photos of construction, please CLICK HERE. For a video showing the status as on July 1, 2016, please CLICK HERE. These will be up dated periodically. 

As of November 2016, we have exhausted all our sources of funds.  To proceed further and complete the project in a timely manner, we desperately need immediate  support from the shiShyas and abhimanis of the Matham, and all lovers of Deshika sampradayam.  Both cash and in-kind (electrical, plumbing, painting) help are welcome.

Contributions in India can be made by check/DD payable to Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Mutt, and mailed to Sri T.C. Soundararajan, “AMRUTHAM”, 8 Srirangaraja Street, Kanchipuram, TN 631 501. Alternately, they can be directly credited as cash/RTGS to the Mutt’s Bank Account No. 0358351000005032 at Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Kanchipuram (IFSC Code: LAVB0000358).

Contributions from outside India may be sent by check payable to SRI PARAKALA MATHAM, USA and mailed to C/O Sri Ram Tirumala, Secretary, 2 Stallion Way, North Brunswick, NJ, 08902.  Alternately they can be paid by credit card. SPM, USA will arrange to remit the funds to India in accordance with the Government of India’s current regulations for the remittance of foreign funds to India. Contributions made by USA residents will be eligible for exemption from US Income Tax under applicable IRS rules.