Branch Support

Supporting the Operation of Branches

Parakala Mutt has branches at several places all across India. Some of them date back to several centuries and while others have been built more recently. Of these only a few branches like the ones at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Tirumala are financially self- sufficient and are operating satisfactorily. Most of the other ones are experiencing great difficulty in maintaining themselves. They have been receiving only a small sum of money every year from the Headquarters for their maintenance. Needless to say that they are managing their annual operation essentially from whatever voluntary contributions that are received from local and visiting devotees. Such contributions are highly variable from month to month, and year to year. In order for the Mutt branches to function as they should, they must have a certain level of acceptable assured income. 

The Religious Trust called BSPSMS Trust (Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Swamy Mutt Trust) was created in May 2013 by HH Parakala Jeer for raising funds from within and outside India for carrying out a variety of developmental and service activities on behalf of the Mutt. The maintenance and support of the Mutt’s branches falls within its range of responsibilities.

The Trust has now been providing annual support  to several of the Mutt’s Branches and Hayagriva Sannidhis. These include Satyagalam and Krishnapuram in Karnattaka, Mahabubnagar  in Telengana, and Tuppul, Srirangam, Tiruvaheendirapuram and Azhvar Tirunagari, in Tamilnadu, in response to the request for such help from these Branches. In addition, the Trust is also supporting some of the annual operational expenses and staff salary bonuses at the Mutt’s Headquarters at Mysuru.

The Trust would itself need an assured inflow of contributions every year into our SEVA DINAM Program to be able to do this. 


The Mutt makes an appeal to all the shishyas and abhimanis in India and abroad to consider supporting this activity with their generous and continuing contributions each yea.

Contribution cheques/DDs should be made payable to “BSPSMS TRUST” and mailed to BSPSMS Trust, c/o Parakala Mutt, 8 Tank Bund Road, (Next to Kempegowda Bus Stand), Bangalore 560009. (Tele: 91-98860 77780)

Contribution Cheques in the US may be made payable to “Parakala Lakshmihayagriva Mission, USA, Inc. (or to PLM, USA)” and mailed to C/O Sri Raghavan Sreenivas, 154 Northfield Road, Bridgewater, NJ 08807. Alternately US donors may also securely pay by credit card. Please go to “Payment by Credit Card” and follow the instructions. PLM, USA has been remitting on an average of about Rs. 20 lakh ($30,000) to BSPSMS Trust every year for the above stated support. Contributions to PLM, USA are eligible for exemption from US Income Tax as per allowable IRS rules.