PLM Activities

PLM Activities

Setting up of Parakala Ashram and Lakshmi Hayagriva Sannidhi
at Charlotte, NC.  December  2018

Setting up and maintaining a Place of Worship for Sri Lakshmi Hyagriva in the US is an important part of PLM’s Mission. With Acharya’s blessings, we have made a beginning in December 2018 towards achieving this goal by leasing a house at Charlotte, NC for this purpose. This Place of Worship, being designated as Parakala Ashram has a Lakshmi Hayagriva Sannidhi which is adorned by our Dolai Lakshmi Hayagriva. We plan to have a Resident Priest who will take care of PerumAL, maintain the Ashram round the year and will also take PerumAL for Sancharam.  At this time, we have started the process of recruiting an appropriate priest from India for this purpose. Our petition for R1 visa for this priest is pending with the U.S. Immigration.  In the mean while, we have appointed a temporary Resident Priest to look after the Ashram and PerumA and perform a limited amount of sancharam with PerumAL.
We are praying for the anugraham of PerumAL and Acharya  that this effort may be successful. We also seek the financial support from devotees of Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva all across the US to make the Ashram financially viable year after year.
All the Ashram Activities are being reported on this web site separately at, “Charlotte Ashram and Lakshmi Hayagriva Sannidhi” and links therefrom, that can be reached from the main Menu. The first Ashram activity has been the Celebration of  Tiru Adhyayanotsavam at Charlotte from Dec 17 -27, 2018 in collaboration with the Hindu Center of Charlotte, NC.

Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Sancharam of US. 2019-20

Parakala Lakshmi Hayagriva Mission, USA is happy to announce the 9th Annual US Sancharam of Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Sancharam. For more details about the sancharam, including the schedule and how you can invite PerumAL to  your home, please CLICK HERE.

Useful Links for Sponsors
Guide to Sponsors of Tirumanjanam and Dolai Utsavams
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Appendix B to Guide to Sponsors (Prasaadam Preparation)
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A Note about  the Dolai Sancharam of US in 2019
Starting from 2011, we have so far completed without break, eight annual US sancharams, the last five of them being under the auspices of PLM,USA. These sancharams were  for the most part have been contiguous over a period of 15 -20 weeks and have covered 15- 20 metropolitan areas across the US.  However, this year due to reasons listed below, we suspect that the sancharam may have to be more limited in scope and may also be more spread out over the year.

1. Our Visa Petition for the priest  from India to manage the recently started Ashram is likely to be processed somewhere in the September – November time period.
2. Our temporary priest now at the Ashram, who is an elderly person, is not able to take the strain of sancharam, especially if he is to take the full responsibility of conducting all the functions..
We are therefore planning to schedule the  sancharams only to areas where and when local volunteer help is available for conducting these functions. We will operate on this mode till we are able to get the new priest on board.


Swami Nigamantha Mahadeshikan’s 750th Tirunakshatram Celebrations in Seattle September 11 – 22, 2018

As per the niyamanam of HH Srimad abhinava Vageesha Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Mahadeshikan, we celebrated from September 11 – 20, 2018, the 750th tirunakshatram of Swami Nigamantha Mahadesikan. The celebrations included Veda-Prabandham recital as well as a recital of Deshika prabandham and stotras.  They concluded with Periya shattrumurai on Saturday, September 22, 2018 at a grand public function at the Vedic Cltural Center in Seattle. All these activities took place in the presence of Sri Lakshmi Haygriva (Dolai PerumAL).  A large number of men. women and children participated in these celebrations  and received the blessings of Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva and Swami Deshikan.

For full details, please see the PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT, the INVITATION for and a REPORT on the Final Day Celebrations on Sept 22 at the VCC Seattle.


Seattle area Activities during 2017-2018

Adhyayanotsavam for the third year from Dec 18, 2017 – Jan 7, 2018. Please see  the announcement below.

Tiru Adhyayanotsavm for Sri Lakshmi Hayagrivar at Seattle, WA. Dec 18, 2017 – Jan 7, 2018.

By the divine niyamanam of our Acharyan HH Srimad Abhinava Vageesha Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Mahadeshikan, Parakala Lakshmi Hayagriva Mission, USA will be organizing the Thiru Adyayanotsavam in Seattle, WA for our “Dolai Lakshmi Hayagriva PerumAL”, Who has just completed a 5-month sancharam of the US . The utsavam will be held for 21 days from Dec 18, 2017 – Jan 7, 2017. Bhagavatas in the Greater Seattle area are all invited to join the utsavam celebrations and participate in the recital of the Naalaayira Divya Prabandham, Deshika Prabandham, Paaadukaasahasram and Deshika shlokam. The function also will be live streamed so that bhagavatas living outside the Seattle area can also participate remotely in the festivities. For more details, please see the PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT.


A number of local devotees participated in the 21-day recital activities.The function was successfully concluded on January 7, 2018. For an album of photos from the functions, please see

Religious Activities in the Seattle area, WA (2014 & 2015)

Usually, after the completion of the Sancharam, the Deities are returned to Parakala Mutt, Mysore where they are worshiped till they are brought to US in the following year. However, during 2014 and 2015, after the conclusion of the Dolai Tour, Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva, Sri ShaThAri, Srimad Ramanuja and Swamy Deshika vigrahams stayed in Seattle for several months on the request of the devotees of that area. Qualified Seattle area volunteers, led by Sri Swaroop Sridhar came forward to perform the prescribed daily and monthly worship as well as several special functions. Swaroop’s home in Sammamish, WA was the focal point for all these activities and it became essentially the de facto Place of Worship for Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva during these months.  The religious functions celebrated during these months included the daily, monthly worships as well as special functions including a 21-day function known as the Adhyayanotsavam, during which the devotees recite the 4000 verses of the Tamil composition Naalayira Divya Prabandham.  For more details about these Seattle area activities during the two seasons, please see

Seattle Area Activities during 2014-2015

Seattle Area Activities during 2015-2016 

Dolai Sancharam (Tours) of USA

This is an annual activity which started in 2011 and has been continued every year since then.  During this Sancharam sacred Idols of Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva (the Presiding Deity at the Mysore Mutt), Sri Shathari, Srimad Ramanuja and Swami Vedanta Deshikan, consecrated at the Mysore Mutt are brought to the US and taken on a  4-5 month Tour all across the US (and some parts of Canada). Devotees would invite the Deities to their homes for offering various worship services such as Tirumanjanam, Dolotsavam, Homam, etc. The Dolai Sancharam of Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva of Parakala Mutt, Mysore was initially organized and conducted each year by Sri Parakala Matham, USA to provide the devotees in this country the opportunity to invite Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva to their homes and have worship services like Tirumanjanam/Dolai offered to the Lord. A priest accompanies the Sancharam and conducts these services at the devotee homes. These annual Sancharams cover 15-20 metropolitan areas. Each year, more than one hundred devotees usually invite the Deities to their homes and several thousands of devotees participate in these functions. After its establishment in July 2014, PLM, USA joined its sister organization SPM, USA to conduct the Dolai Tour all across the USA. Subsequently in the following years, PLM has fully taken over the responsibility of conducting these annual Sancharams. The conduct of these annual Dolai Sancharams has now been the major activity of PLM, USA.
For more Details of the Sancharam activities during the last few years see the Links below:






Useful Links for Sponsors of Tirumanjanams and Dolotsavams
Guide to Sponsors of Tirumanjanam and Dolai Utsavams
Appendix A to Guide to Sponsors: Syllabus
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