Parakala Ashram and Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Sannidhi, – Background

8616, Robinson Forest Dr., Charlotte, NC, 28277

Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Parabrahmane Namah
Srimad Abhinava Vageesha Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Mahadeshikaya Namah
Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Parabrahmane Namah


Srimad Abhinava Vageesha Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Mahadeshikaya Namah

ज्ञानानन्दमयं देवं निर्मलस्फटिकाकॄतिम्।

आधारं सर्वविद्यानां हयग्रीवम् उपास्महे॥

jñānānandamayaṁ devaṁ nirmalasphaṭikākṝtiṁ|
ādhāraṁ sarvavidyānāṁ hayagrīvaṁ upāsmahe||


The Vigraham of Lakshmi Hayagriva, the GOD OF LEARNING, adorning the shrine at this Ashram was first brought to the US in 2011 and since then has been taken out every year for the last 8 years on 4-5 month long tours (“Sancharams”) throughout the US.  During these Sancharams, which have become very popular with devotees all across the US, the Vigrahaml of the Deity Lord Lakshmi Hayagriva accompanied by vigrahams of Srimad Ramanuja and Swami Deshikan are taken to the devotees’ home on their invitation for offering to the Deities special services like “Tirumanjanam” (Abhishekam), “Dolotsavam” etc. by a professional priest who accompanies the Deities on the Sancharam. During the non-sancharam days in the year, the Deity has either been returned every year to Parakala Mutt in India or remained in the care of a Mutt-approved amateur, but qualified volunteer “priest” in the US. The volunteer priest however could perform only the daily worship at the bare minimum level, skipping many of the special traditional rituals that are to be performed throughout the year to such consecrated Vigrahams following the Agama protocols.

With the blessings of our Acharyan, and with the encouragement from a few bhagavatas, we have now finally been able to set up a year-round Home for Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva, by starting this “Ashram” called “Parakala Ashram and Lakshmi Hayagriva Sannidhi in the City of Charlotte, NC.  A resident priest performs the aradhana for the Deity both at the Ashram and during the sancharams following the Mutt’s ancient traditions. He attends daily to the devotees coming into offer prayers at the Ashram and also functions as the care taker of the Ashram. This Ashram is very similar in style to the Ashrams or Branches of Parakala Mutt and other mutts in India. Parakala Mutt has over15 branches all across India extending from the southern town of Azhwar Tirunagari in Tamil Nadu to Badrinath in the slopes of the Himalayas.In addition to providing a Home for our Deity and offering the opportunity for the devotees to worship Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva, the Ashram also intends  to get involved in a number of activities that will provide a strong spiritual setting for the fostering of the Vedantic culture, and a Center for philosophical inquiry and practice in the Charlotte and surrounding areas.

All are invited to participate in the Ashram’s activities and receive the blessings of Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva.