How You can Contribute

How You can Contribute

There are three special Trusts that the Acharya has established for the management of the various projects and activities at the Mutt.

1. Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Swamy (BSPS) Educational and Charitable Trust -for supporting the educational and charitable projects

Please make your contribution DD/ Cheque Payable to “BSPS Educational and Charitable Trust”  and mail it to  Sri Parakala Mutt,  Krishna Vilasa Road, Devaraja Mohalla, Mysore 570 024, Karnataka, India. 

  Contributions made to this Trust are exempt from Indian income tax to the extent allowed by the Indian tax rules.

2.Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Swamy Mutt Trust   – for the remaining secular activities such as Annadanam, scholarly publications, etc.

please make your contribution DD/ Cheque payable to “Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Swamy Mutt Trust” and mail it to Sri Parakala Mutt, Krishna Vilasa Road, Devaraja Mohalla, Mysore 570 024, Karnataka, India. 

Contributions are exempt from Indian income tax to the extent allowed by the Indian tax rules.

3. Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Swamy Mutt Seva Trust (BSPSMS TRUST)**  – for ALL religious activities including annual operating  & maintenance costs, Capital Project costs, and the SEVA DINAM Programme. Please make your contribution DD/Cheque payable to “BSPSMS Trust”,  and mail it to BSPSMS Trust, c/o Sri Parakala Mutt, No.8 Tank Bund Road (Near Kempegowda Bus Stand), Bangalore, Karnataka, 560 009, India. You may also credit your contribution directly to the Trust’s Account at Karnataka Bank, Subhashnagar, Bangalore. For account details please contact Sri Ramesh Talkad, Managing Trustee

Since this Trust is registered as a Religious Trust, contributions to this Trust are NOT exempted from Indian income tax. 

  **Also please note that this Trust is registered with the Government of India under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) and is the only Trust among the three Trusts listed here that can legally receive contributions directly from foreign resident individuals and foreign organizations.



An affiliate Institution called “ Parakala Lakshmihayagriva Mission, USA, Inc was  established in the US in 2014. The primary focus of PLM, USA is in the creation and maintenance of a Place of Worship Of Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva in the US and the conduct of the annual Dolai sanchArams. It  also supports some of the Mutt projects and annual operations in India.  US donors who wish to support these activities may send their contributions to PLM, USA. Payments can be made either by check or credit card/Paypal account.

Please note that contributions made by the donors to PLM, USA are eligible for US income Tax deduction under applicable IRS rules.

  • If wish to charge the donation to your credit card/Paypal account, please, follow Payment by Credit Card
  • If you are sending your contribution by check, please make your check payable to “PLM, USA”. Please mail it to PLM, USA,  Attn. Ranga Raj, 26 Laconia, IRVINE, CA, 92614.

Donors may note that PLM, USA remits some part of its annual revenues to support the Mutt’s activities in India. These are remitted to the BSPSMS Trust listed above making sure that all such remittances are in compliance with FCRA regulations on remittances of foreign funds to Indian Organizations.